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Azawakh Temperament and Lifespan


Who wants to understand the Azawakh dog breed should remember about its lifestyle. Among the semi-life-threatening conditions, alert and instinctive distrust were the features that were necessary for survival.

Azawakh has a strong character and balanced behavior. He was accustomed to respectful treatment. Representatives of this breed are linked to only a few people, so they should not be passed to other hands. Azawakh is a great guard dog being very alert to strangers. Azawakh love children, always try to protect them.

Azawakh does not accept other dogs into "his flock". The hunting instinct is strong in this breed. It should be noted that the Azawakh is a very dominant breed. They always aspire to the alpha position. And, if you already have a dog which is a leader, conflicts are inevitable. The dog's life span is usually about 12-15 years.

How Much Does an Azawakh Cost and Price Range

Azawakh is an extremely rare dog breed. Due to this the price is rather high. It varies from $2000 to $2500. If you are lucky to find the breeder of Azawakh, then don't think about this price as it is worth this money because of being an ancient unique breed.

Azawakh Colors, Shedding, Full Size and Average Weight

The color of the breed is deer (yellowish-brown) with a small number of spots on the extremities. Any shades (from light sandy to dark deer) are also allowed, a black mask on his head and uneven white blaze (markings on the head) are possible. It has white chest and tail tip. There are white stockings on the legs (or at least the white spots on the legs).

According to the standard there is black and brindle color as well. The body is suffice bony and of the square format. The neck is long, lean, muscular, slightly arched, without dewlap. The weight is about 20-25 for males and 15-20 for females, the height is 64-74 for males and 60-70 for females.

Azawakh Breed Characteristics, Information and Facts

Europe found out about this wonderful dog in the late 20th century. Earlier Azawakh could be seen with a caravan of nomadic people in the territory of the Sahara. It was not just the favorite pet of the nomads, but also the faithful guard. The majestic appearance of the dog told about the high status of its owners as well.

This dog is admired for its elegance. The mature form of the body makes it different from any other. It moves gracefully and impressively. Despite the yielding disposition and infinite goodness, Azawakh is a very independent dog. Its respect can be deserved only by the owner and his family. Obedience is a sign of deep respect and devotion. At the moment, there are only puppies Azawakh in some nurseries. For this reason, Azawakh is not wide-spread, it certainly gives its owners a feeling of the status and even exclusivity.

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